Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-23-33 - Revocation, suspension, etc., of license or certificate; non-disciplinary administrative penalty

Section 34-23-33 - Revocation, suspension, etc., of license or certificate; non-disciplinary administrative penalty.

(a) The board may revoke, suspend, place on probation, or require remediation for any licensed pharmacist or a holder of a pharmacy intern or extern certificate for a specified time as determined by the board and take the same or similar action against the permit to operate any pharmacy in this state, whenever the board finds by a preponderance of the evidence, or pursuant to a consent decree, that the pharmacist has been guilty of any of the following acts or offenses:

(1) Obtaining a license, permit, or registration from the board by fraudulent means.

(2) Violation of the laws regulating the sale or dispensing of narcotics, exempt narcotics, or drugs bearing the label "caution, federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription," or similar wording which causes the drugs to be classified as prescription legend drugs.

(3) Conviction of a felony. A copy of the record of the conviction, certified by the clerk of the court entering the conviction, shall be conclusive evidence of the conviction.

(4) Conviction of any crime or offense that reflects the inability of the practitioner to practice pharmacy with due regard for the health and safety of the patients.

(5) Inability to practice pharmacy with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness, inebriation, misuse of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemicals, or any other substance, or as a result of any mental or physical condition.

When the issue is whether or not a pharmacist is physically or mentally capable of practicing pharmacy with reasonable skill and safety to patients, then, upon a showing of probable cause to the board that the pharmacist is not capable of practicing pharmacy with reasonable skill and safety to patients, the board may require the pharmacist in question to submit to a psychological examination by a psychologist to determine psychological status or a physical examination by a physician, or both, to determine physical condition. The psychologist or physician, or both, shall be designated by the board. The expense of the examination shall be borne by the board. Where the pharmacist raises the issue of mental or physical competence or appeals a decision regarding his or her mental or physical competence, the pharmacist shall be permitted to obtain his or her own evaluation at the pharmacist's expense. If the objectivity or adequacy of the examination is suspect, the board may complete the examination by the designated practitioners at its own expense. When mental or physical capacity to practice is at issue, every pharmacist licensed to practice pharmacy in the state shall be deemed to have given consent to submit to a mental or physical examination or to any combination of the examinations and to waive all objections to the admissibility of the examination, or to previously adjudicated evidence of mental incompetence.

(6) Gross malpractice or repeated malpractice or gross negligence in the practice of pharmacy.

(7) Violation of any provisions contained in this chapter.

(8) Employing, assisting, or enabling in any manner any unlicensed person to practice pharmacy.

(9) The suspension, revocation, or probation by another state of a license to practice pharmacy. A certified copy of the record of suspension, revocation, or probation of the state making such a suspension, revocation, or probation shall be conclusive evidence of the suspension, revocation, or probation.

(10) Refusal to appear before the board after having been ordered to do so in writing by the executive officer or chair of the board.

(11) Making any fraudulent or untrue statement to the board.

(12) Violation of any rule or regulation of the board.

(13) Violation of the code of professional conduct adopted by the board in the rules and regulations of the board.

(b) The board shall have the authority to adopt rules imposing a non-disciplinary administrative penalty for designated violations of this chapter.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021