Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-24-174 - Form and content of final order

Section 34-24-174 - Form and content of final order.

(a) The final order in a proceeding shall be in writing and made a part of the record and include findings of fact and conclusions of law separately stated, and it shall be rendered within 45 days:

(1) After the hearing is concluded, if conducted by the board;

(2) After the board accepts any proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law or proposed final order from any party in a disciplinary hearing;

(3) After a recommended order, or findings and conclusion are submitted to the board and mailed to all parties, if the hearing is conducted by a hearing officer; or

(4) The 45-day period may be waived or extended with the consent of all parties.

(b) Findings of fact, if set forth in a manner which is no more than mere tracking of the statutory language, shall be accompanied by a statement of the underlying facts of record which support the findings.

(c) If the board finds that an immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare requires an immediate final order, it shall recite with particularity the facts underlying such findings in the final order, which shall be appealable or enjoinable from the date rendered.

(d) Parties shall be notified either personally or by certified mail return receipt requested of any order and, unless waived, a copy of the final order shall be so delivered or mailed to each party or to his or her attorney of record.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-237, p. 321, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021