Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-26-22 - Certain powers and duties enumerated; registration requirements; continuing education; rules and regulations

Section 34-26-22 - Certain powers and duties enumerated; registration requirements; continuing education; rules and regulations.

(a) The Board of Examiners in Psychology shall have authority to administer oaths, to summon witnesses and to take testimony in all matters relating to its duties. The board shall be the sole agency in this state empowered to certify concerning competence in the practice of psychology and the sole board empowered to recommend licensure for the practice of psychology. The board shall have the power to recognize areas of specialization for practice and supervision, and to ensure through rules and regulations and enforcement that licensees limit their practice to demonstrated areas of competence as documented by relevant professional education, training, and experience. No individual shall be issued a license for the practice of psychology who has not been previously certified at the appropriate level of practice by the board. The board shall certify as competent to practice psychology or as competent to practice as a psychological technician all persons who shall present satisfactory evidence of attainments and qualifications under provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the board. The certification shall be signed by the chair of the board under the adopted seal of the board. The chair shall, under the direction of the board, aid the district attorneys in the enforcement of this chapter and the prosecutions of all persons charged with the violation of its provisions. Psychologists and psychological technicians licensed by the board shall be required to submit annually to the board a completed registration fee, not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500), as determined by the board. The list of licensed psychologists and licensed psychological technicians shall be made available to interested individuals or organizations at a nominal charge.

(b) A psychology license issued by the board shall expire on October 15, and shall be renewed annually upon the satisfaction of continuing education requirements and payment of the renewal fee. Failure to comply with all requirements for renewal within the time period prescribed by the board shall result in a lapsed license. Failure to satisfy all requirements for reactivation of an inactive license shall result in a lapsed license. A psychologist may have his or her lapsed license reinstated upon the payment of all accrued annual fees and late penalties and satisfaction of all requirements established by rule of the board. If a psychologist is alleged to have violated any of the prohibitions on professional conduct provided in this chapter, the board, upon a hearing and proof of the violation, may deny reinstatement of the license or prohibit the psychologist from applying for reinstatement.

(c) The board shall implement requirements through its rules and regulations that licensees shall engage in annual continuing education activities other than individual study to renew the license to practice. Continuing education activities shall be relevant to the practice of psychology or applicable within the practice of psychology. The board may charge a reasonable fee to register and keep records of licensees' continuing education credits.

(d) The board may promulgate and adopt rules and regulations as are necessary to implement the requirements of this chapter. The rules and regulations shall be adopted pursuant to the state administrative procedure statutes.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021