Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-37-5 - Deposit and disbursement of funds; bond of the executive director and deputy director

Section 34-37-5 - Deposit and disbursement of funds; bond of the executive director and deputy director.

(a) There is established a separate special revenue trust fund in the State Treasury to be known as the State of Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board Fund. All receipts collected by the board under this chapter shall be deposited in this fund and used only to carry out this chapter. The fund shall be disbursed only by warrant of the state Comptroller upon the State Treasury upon itemized vouchers approved by the executive director of the board or, in the absence of the executive director, by the deputy director. No funds shall be withdrawn or expended except as budgeted and allotted according to Sections 41-4-80 to 41-4-96, inclusive, as amended, and only in amounts as stipulated in the general appropriation bill or other appropriation bills. All money remaining at the end of the fiscal year which exceeds 25 percent of the board's budget for the previous year shall be transferred to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Alabama Home Builders Foundation to be used exclusively for classroom training tools at educational facilities that provide plumbing and gas fitting curriculums to include any program approved or accredited by the State of Alabama, the United States federal government, or the board. If at any time the Alabama Home Builders Foundation should lose its nonprofit status, those funds shall be transferred to the State General Fund.

(b) The executive director and the deputy director of the board shall, before entering upon the duties of their office, make and file with the Secretary of State an official bond in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000), unless covered by the state blanket bond. The appropriate premiums on the bond shall be paid out of the funds of the board, and the bond shall be executed by an approved bonding fidelity or guaranty company qualified to do business in Alabama and acceptable to the Secretary of State.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021