Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-8A-23 - Waiver of requirement for prior practitioners

Section 34-8A-23 - Waiver of requirement for prior practitioners.

For a period of one year from July 25, 1983, the board shall waive the requirements of subdivisions (5) and (6) of Section 34-8A-7, and shall grant the appropriate license upon payment of the required fee to any person submitting an application for licensure and proof of practice to the board who is qualified by experience to practice counseling, and who was engaged in such private practice of counseling as of July 18, 1979, in Alabama. Proof of private practice shall be verified by a valid business license in force on or before July 18, 1979, and financial documents which clearly indicate that a fee, monetary or otherwise, was charged for counseling services rendered.

The Board of Examiners in Counseling shall be required to provide at least one legal notice of these provisions in the daily newspapers of this state.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-423, p. 649, §22; Acts 1983, No. 83-591, p. 924, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021