Code of Alabama - Title 35: Property - Section 35-9-30 - Lien declared

Section 35-9-30 - Lien declared.

A landlord has a lien, which is paramount to, and has preference over, all other liens, on the crop grown on rented lands for rent for the current year, and for advances made in money, or other thing of value, either by him directly, or by another at his instance or request for which he became legally bound or liable at or before the time such advances were made, for the sustenance or well-being of the tenant or his family, or for preparing the ground for cultivation, or for cultivating, gathering, saving, handling, or preparing the crop for market; and also on all articles advanced, and on all property purchased with money advanced or obtained by barter in exchange for articles advanced, for the aggregate price or value of such articles and property.

(Code 1876, §3467; Code 1886, §3056; Code 1896, §2703; Code 1907, §4734; Code 1923, §8799; Code 1940, T. 31, §15.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021