Code of Alabama - Title 40: Revenue and Taxation - Section 40-4-1 - Bonds

Section 40-4-1 - Bonds.

The tax assessor in every county in the State of Alabama shall, before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his office as tax assessor, execute in duplicate a bond in the sum of not less than $5,000. Such bond shall be payable to the State of Alabama, with sufficient surety or sureties, to be approved by the judge of probate, and conditioned faithfully to discharge the duties of his office, which are or may be required by law during the time he continues therein or discharges any of the duties thereof. One of such duplicates must be filed and recorded in the office of the judge of probate, and the other must be filed in the office of the Comptroller on or before September 1 next after his election.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Code 1940, T. 41, §79.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021