Code of Alabama - Title 41: State Government - Section 41-22-5.2 - Review of existing rules

Section 41-22-5.2 - Review of existing rules.

(a) Within five years of July 1, 2013, each agency shall review all agency rules existing on that date to determine whether the rules should be continued without change, or should be amended or rescinded. The agency may indicate compliance with the requirements of this section by filing a notice in the Alabama Administrative Monthly certifying its compliance. If the head of the agency determines that completion of the review of existing rules is not feasible by the established date, the agency shall publish a statement certifying that determination.

(b) A rule adopted after July 1, 2013, shall be reviewed every five years in a manner consistent with subsection (a).

(Act 2013-88, p. 188, §2; Act 2019-498, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021