Code of Alabama - Title 41: State Government - Section 41-24A-1 - Creation; composition; operation

Section 41-24A-1 - Creation; composition; operation.

There is hereby created the State Executive Commission on Community Services Grants, hereafter referred to as the commission, which shall be designated a grant-making agency to receive and by majority vote to distribute any appropriations made by the Legislature to the commission for the community services grant program pursuant to Chapter 24 of this title. The commission shall consist of the State Superintendent of Education, the Lieutenant Governor, the State Treasurer, and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. The chairman of the commission shall be the Lieutenant Governor, who shall only vote in the case of a tie. The commission shall elect a secretary who shall be responsible for and maintain all documents related to the commission. The commission shall meet at least twice each quarter or until all grant funds have been awarded for each fiscal year. The commission members shall serve without compensation but the commission may receive funds and/or staffing for administrative support from the Legislature.

(Act 2006-511, p. 1183, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021