Code of Alabama - Title 43: Wills and Decedents' Estates - Section 43-2-467 - Correction of mistake in description of lands sold

Section 43-2-467 - Correction of mistake in description of lands sold.

(a) When a mistake has been made in the description of lands of a decedent sold in good faith under an order of the probate court, either in the petition, order or other proceedings, the court ordering the sale has authority, on the written application of the purchaser, or his heirs or personal representatives, or any person holding under him, verified by affidavit, to correct such mistake. The application must contain a correct description of the lands sold, and must state the facts, and the names, ages and places of residence of the personal representatives and heirs or devisees of such decedent, if known, and if there be no personal representative, that fact must be stated; and, upon the filing of such application, the court must appoint a day for the hearing, of which, and of the nature of the application, notice must be given, by personal service, to the personal representative of such decedent, and such of his heirs as are of age, and are of sound mind, if residents of the state at least 20 days before the day appointed for the hearing, and also by publication, once a week for three successive weeks, in some newspaper published in the county, or if none is published therein, in a newspaper published nearest to the courthouse thereof. If there is no personal representative of the estate of such decedent, the court must appoint an administrator ad litem to represent the estate in such proceeding; and the court must also appoint a guardian ad litem for such of the heirs or devisees as are under the age of 19 years, or are of unsound mind.

(b) If, upon the hearing, the court is satisfied from the evidence adduced, that the sale of such lands was made in good faith, and that a mistake was made in the description of the lands sold, as stated in the application, a decree must be made and entered, correcting the mistake. If the purchase money has been fully paid, and a deed executed, the court must order the personal representative, or, if there be none, the administrator ad litem, to execute to the party making the application a new deed, conveying to him the lands according to the description as corrected.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021