Code of Alabama - Title 43: Wills and Decedents' Estates - Section 43-2-47 - Special administrator ad colligendum

Section 43-2-47 - Special administrator ad colligendum.

(a) The judge of probate may, in any contest respecting the validity of a will, or for the purpose of collecting the goods of a deceased, or in any other case in which it is necessary, appoint a special administrator, authorizing the collection and preservation by him of the goods of the deceased until letters testamentary or of administration have been duly issued.

(b) Every such special administrator has authority to collect the goods and chattels of the estate and debts of the deceased, to give receipts for moneys collected, to satisfy liens and mortgages paid to him and to secure and preserve such goods and chattels at such expense as may be deemed reasonable by the probate court; and for such purposes, he may maintain civil actions as administrator.

(c) Such special administrator may also, under the direction of the probate court, sell such goods as are perishable or wasting, after the same have been appraised, upon such notice as the judge of probate may prescribe.

(d) Upon the grant of letters testamentary or of administration, the authority of such special administrator ceases, and on demand he must deliver to the rightful executor or administrator all the assets of the deceased which may be in his hands and render an account on oath of all his proceedings to the probate court.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021