Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-24A-32.06 - Order of municipal court; appeal

Section 45-24A-32.06 - Order of municipal court; appeal.

(a) Following an adjudicative hearing, the municipal court judge shall issue an order stating:

(1) Whether the person charged with the civil violation is liable for the violation; and

(2) If so, the amount of the civil penalty assessed against the person, along with the fees and costs of court provided for herein.

(b) The orders issued under this section may be filed in the office of the Judge of Probate of Dallas County, and shall operate as a judicial lien in the same manner and with the same weight and effect as any other civil judgment filed therein.

(c) A person who is found liable after an adjudicative hearing may appeal that finding of civil liability to the circuit court, by filing a notice of appeal with the clerk of the municipal court. The notice of appeal must be filed not later than the 14th day after the date on which the municipal court judge entered the finding of civil liability. The filing of a notice of appeal shall stay the enforcement of the civil penalty. An appeal shall be determined by the circuit court by trial de novo.

(Act 2010-741, p. 1870, §7.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021