Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-30A-50.01 - Division into exempt and classified services

Section 45-30A-50.01 - Division into exempt and classified services.

(a) All offices and positions of the city shall be divided into the exempt service and the classified service.

(b)(1) The exempt service shall include:

a. The positions of all elected officials of the city.

b. The positions of voluntary personnel and personnel appointed to serve without pay.

c. The positions of consultants rendering temporary professional services.

d. All positions involving seasonal or part-time employment.

e. The positions of attorneys rendering legal service.

(2) Positions in the exempt service held by employees of boards and commissions may be placed in the classified service by resolution of the governing body, after favorable recommendation by such other board or commission, and the governing body in such resolution shall prescribe the conditions under which the employees holding such positions so transferred may acquire permanent status in such positions so long as such positions remain in the classified service.

(c) The classified service shall include all positions in the city service that are paid out of the general fund of the city and out of funds of boards and commissions whose employees are placed in the classified service, and which are not specifically placed in the exempt service or excluded from this part as provided in Section 45-30A-50.23. Unless otherwise specifically provided or clearly implied, this part shall apply only to the classified service.

(Act 1973, No. 465, p. 663, §2.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021