Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-30A-50.13 - Probation

Section 45-30A-50.13 - Probation.

Except as provided in Section 45-30A-50.01 and Section 45-30A-50.02, to acquire permanent status in a position in the classified service so long as such position remains in the classified service, employees shall be subject to a period of probation. The regular period of probation shall be six months; provided, however, the board may adopt rules and regulations specifying a longer period of probation for a designated class or classes, or for extension of the probation period for any individual probationary employee, but no probationary period may extend beyond 12 months. The work and conduct of employees with a probationary status shall be subject to close scrutiny and evaluation. An employee retained beyond the end of the probationary period shall have permanent status in the position in which he or she was so retained so long as that position remains in the classified service if, but only if, the appointing authority files a written statement with the board affirming the fact that the services of the employee have been found to be satisfactory.

(Act 1973, No. 465, p. 663, §14.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021