Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-6-72 - Creation; eligibility; salary

Section 45-6-72 - Creation; eligibility; salary.

(a) There is hereby created in Bullock County the office of supernumerary county commissioner. All persons who have served for at least 12 years on the county commission and who are not less than 65 years of age, may elect to become a supernumerary county commissioner by filing a statement under oath with the Secretary of State which states that such person meets the qualifications of such office.

(b) Upon receipt of such statement filed under subsection (a), the Secretary of State shall issue a certificate naming such person as a supernumerary county commissioner in Bullock County.

(c) Such supernumerary county commissioners shall be paid a salary of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) per month from the county general fund and shall advise the county general body on financial and governmental problems as the need arises.

(Acts 1973, No. 1265, p. 2109, §§1-3; Act 85-893, 2nd Sp. Sess., p. 153, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021