Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-7-230.01 - Fee; Sheriff's Fund

Section 45-7-230.01 - Fee; Sheriff's Fund.

(a) In Butler County, the fee for issuance of a permit to carry a pistol in vehicle or concealed on or about the person as provided in Section 13A-11-75, as amended, shall be twenty dollars ($20) per year, which shall be collected by the sheriff.

(b) dollars ($5) of each fee collected under this section shall be paid to the county treasury and the remaining fifteen dollars ($15) of each fee shall be deposited by the Sheriff of Butler County or agents of the sheriff in any bank located in Butler County selected by the sheriff, into the fund known as the Sheriff's Fund.

(c) The Sheriff's Fund provided for by this section shall be drawn upon by the Sheriff of Butler County or appointed agent and shall be used exclusively for law enforcement purposes and in the discharge of the sheriff's office as the sheriff sees fit.

(d) The establishment of the Sheriff's Fund as provided in this section and the use of funds shall not diminish or take the place of any other reimbursement or other source of income established for the sheriff or the operation of the office of the sheriff.

(Act 2010-270, p. 491, §§1-4.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021