Code of Alabama - Title 45: Local Laws - Section 45-7-82.24 - Admission into program

Section 45-7-82.24 - Admission into program.

(a) Prior to being admitted to the pretrial diversion program or as a part of the evaluation process of the district attorney, an applicant may be required by the district attorney to furnish information concerning past criminal history, educational history, work record, family history, medical or psychiatric treatment or care received, psychological tests taken, and any other information concerning the offender which the district attorney believes has a bearing on the decision as to whether the offender should be admitted into the pretrial diversion program.

(b) The district attorney may require the offender to submit to any type of test or evaluation process or interview deemed appropriate by the district attorney in evaluating the offender for admittance into the pretrial diversion program. The costs of any test or evaluation shall be paid by the offender or as otherwise agreed to or provided for by this subpart.

(Act 2009-460, p. 802, §5.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021