Code of Alabama - Title 6: Civil Practice - Section 6-6-319 - Forms for judgment, restitution or possession

Section 6-6-319 - Forms for judgment, restitution or possession.

The following or similar forms may be used when appropriate in forcible entry and unlawful detainer proceedings; but they are not exclusive of other appropriate forms:

A. B. v. C. D.

Came the parties on the ______ day of _____, and upon evidence I find the said C. D. guilty of the forcible entry and unlawful detainer (or, unlawful detainer) as complained against him by A. B., and I therefore order and adjudge that C. D. restore to A. B. the possession of the tract of land (or tenement) mentioned in the complaint: _____ (here designate the land or tenement), and pay the cost of this proceeding

Writ of Restitution or Possession.
State of Alabama,
To any lawful officer of said county:

You are hereby commanded to restore A. B. to possession (or place A. B. in possession) of the land and tenements (or, as the case may be) which A. B. recovered of C. D. in an action of forcible entry and detainer (or unlawful detainer) before me on the _____ day of _____, at _____ (here describe the land and tenements). You are further directed, of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements, of the said C. D., you cause to be made the sum of _____, which the said A. B. has recovered for his costs in that behalf expended.

Witness my hand, this the _______ day of ________

E. F., District Court Judge

(Code 1907, §4286; Code 1923, §8031; Code 1940, T. 7, §994.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021