Code of Alabama - Title 8: Commercial Law and Consumer Protection - Section 8-19A-8 - Display of license required; penalty for failure to display license

Section 8-19A-8 - Display of license required; penalty for failure to display license.

(a) The division shall issue to each approved applicant a license in the form and size as is prescribed by the division and, in the case of a commercial telephone seller, shall issue a license for each location at which the commercial telephone seller proposes to do business. Each license issued under this chapter shall show the name and address of the licensee.

(b) Each licensee shall prominently display his or her license at the location where he or she does business. Each licensee shall make the license available for inspection by any governmental agency upon request.

(c) Failure to display a license is sufficient grounds for the division to issue an immediate cease and desist order. The order shall remain in effect until the commercial telephone seller can show the authorities that he or she is licensed. The division shall order the business to cease operations and request the Public Service Commission to order the providers to disconnect any and all telecommunications services being provided to or used by the business. Defendants have the burden of petitioning the circuit court for relief from the cease and desist order. Failure of a salesperson to display a license may result in the salesperson being summarily ordered by the division to leave the office until such time as he or she can produce a license for the division.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-650, p. 1220, §8.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021