Alaska Statutes Sec. 04.21.040 - Sales on Federal Reservations

(a) A wholesaler of alcoholic beverages may sell alcoholic beverages to a person who does not have a license under this title who has a fixed place of business on land in the state maintained by the United States government as a military or naval reservation, a national park, or other federal reservation. A sale may be made under this section only if the purchaser is a ship's service store, officers club, officers mess, post exchange, or similar organization. The wholesaler may deliver alcoholic beverages only to persons specified and at places designated in a written order issued by the federal organization for which the purchase is made. A licensee making sales and deliveries under this section shall keep the original order attached to the copy of the invoice on file at the premises of the licensee.

(b) Alcoholic beverages received on federal reservations under this section may not be removed for resale or public use outside the federal reservation.

(c) A wholesaler who sells alcoholic beverages on a federal reservation under this section shall pay the state excise tax imposed by AS 43.60.010 on the alcoholic beverages sold and may subsequently claim credit for the excise taxes paid if the sale is made to an organization that is an instrumentality of the federal government.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016