Alaska Statutes Sec. 08.18.025 - Residential Contractors

(a) A general contractor may not undertake the construction or alteration, or submit a bid to undertake the construction or alteration of a privately-owned residential structure of one to four units or advertise or publicly represent that the general contractor may undertake work of this type in the state without a residential contractor endorsement issued under this section. In this subsection, "alteration" means changes that have a value greater than 25 percent of the value of the structure being altered.

(b) The department shall issue a residential contractor endorsement to a person who

(1) has a certificate of registration as a general contractor;

(2) passes a residential contractor examination, which shall be offered by the department at least once each year in each judicial district; the examination, which may be written or practical, may test competence in relation to arctic structural and thermal construction techniques and other matters as determined by the department in consultation with representatives of the construction industry;

(3) applies for an endorsement within 12 months after passing the examination required under (2) of this subsection;

(4) within the two years preceding the date of application for the endorsement, has satisfactorily completed either the Alaska craftsman home program sponsored by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, or its equivalent, or a postsecondary course in arctic engineering, or its equivalent;

(5) within the seven years preceding the date of application, has not been under a sentence for an offense related to forgery, theft in the first or second degree, extortion, or conspiracy to defraud creditors or for a felony involving dishonesty; and

(6) pays the appropriate fees.

(c) The department may not renew an endorsement issued under this section unless the applicant submits proof of continued competency relating to residential contracting that satisfies the department. A lapsed endorsement may be reinstated, within two years after the lapse, upon proof of continued competency, payment of a renewal fee for the intervening time period, and payment of any penalty fee established under AS 08.01.100 (b). If the endorsement has been lapsed for more than two years, the department may not reinstate it until the person also passes the residential contractor examination described in (b) of this section.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016