Alaska Statutes Sec. 08.29.200 - Confidentiality of Communications

(a) A person licensed under this chapter may not reveal to another person a communication made to the licensee by a client about a matter concerning which the client has employed the licensee in a professional capacity. This section does not apply to

(1) a communication to a potential victim, the family of a potential victim, law enforcement authorities, or other appropriate authorities concerning a clear and immediate probability of physical harm to the client, other individuals, or society;

(2) a case conference or case consultation with other mental health professionals at which the patient is not identified;

(3) the release of information that the client in writing authorized the licensee to reveal;

(4) information released to the board during the investigation of a complaint or as part of a disciplinary or other proceeding; or

(5) situations where the rules of evidence applicable to the psychotherapist-patient privilege allow the release of the information.

(b) Notwithstanding (a) of this section, a person licensed under this chapter shall report incidents of

(1) child abuse or neglect as required by AS 47.17;

(2) harm or assaults suffered by a vulnerable adult as required by AS 47.24.

(c) Information obtained by the board under (a)(4) of this section is confidential and is not a public record for purposes of AS 40.25.110 - 40.25.140.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016