Alaska Statutes Sec. 08.87.120 - Continuing Education Requirements for Renewal of Certificate

(a) The board may not renew a certificate issued under this chapter unless the person applying for renewal presents evidence satisfactory to the board that the person has, within the two years preceding the application for renewal, attended classroom instruction, as required by the board in regulation, in courses or seminars that have received the approval of the board.

(b) The board may grant credit toward some or all of the requirements of (a) of this section to a person who has

(1) successfully completed a program of study determined by the board to be equivalent for continuing education purposes to a course or seminar approved by the board for continuing education credit; or

(2) participated, other than as a student, in educational programs that related to real estate analysis or real property appraisal theory, practice, or technique, including teaching, program development, and preparation of textbooks, monographs, articles, and other instructional materials.

(c) The board shall adopt regulations on continuing education to ensure that persons applying for renewal of certificates have thorough knowledge of current theories, practices, and techniques of real estate analysis and appraisal. The regulations must provide for

(1) procedures for the sponsor of a course or seminar to apply for board approval for continuing education credit; the regulations must require the sponsor to show that claimed attendance at a course or seminar can be verified; and

(2) procedures for evaluating equivalency claims for applicants for certificate renewal under (b) of this section.

(d) In considering whether to approve courses and seminars under this section, the board shall give special consideration to courses, seminars, and other appraisal education programs developed by or under the auspices of organizations or associations of professional real estate appraisers that are utilized by those organizations or associations for the purposes of awarding real estate appraisal designations or of indicating compliance with the continuing education requirements of the organizations or associations.

(e) An amendment or repeal of a regulation adopted by the board under this section shall not operate to deprive a person holding a certificate under this chapter of credit toward renewal of the person's certificate for a course of instruction or seminar that had been completed by the person before the amendment or repeal of the regulation.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016