Alaska Statutes Sec. 15.58.020 - Contents of Pamphlet

(a) Each general election pamphlet must contain

(1) photographs and campaign statements submitted by eligible candidates for elective office in the region;

(2) information and recommendations filed under AS 15.58.050 on judicial officers subject to a retention election in the region;

(3) a map of the house district or districts of the region;

(4) sample ballots for house districts of the region;

(5) an absentee ballot application;

(6) for each ballot proposition submitted to the voters by initiative or referendum petition or by the legislature,

(A) the full text of the proposition specifying constitutional or statutory provisions proposed to be affected;

(B) the ballot title and the summary of the proposition prepared by the director or by the lieutenant governor;

(C) a statement of the costs to the state of implementing the law proposed in an initiative, or of voter approval or rejection of the act that is the subject of a referendum;

(D) a neutral summary of the proposition prepared by the Legislative Affairs Agency;

(E) statements submitted that advocate voter approval or rejection of the proposition not to exceed 500 words;

(7) for each bond question, a statement of the scope of each project as it appears in the bond authorization;

(8) a maximum of two pages of material submitted by each political party;

(9) additional information on voting procedures that the lieutenant governor considers necessary;

(10) for the question whether a constitutional convention shall be called,

(A) a full statement of the question placed on the ballot;

(B) statements not to exceed 500 words that advocate voter approval or rejection of the question;

(11) under AS 37.13.170 , the Alaska permanent fund annual income statement and balance sheet for the two fiscal years preceding the publication of the election pamphlet;

(12) under AS 15.10.090 , notice of

(A) the establishment or abolition of a precinct;

(B) the designation, abolition, or modification of precinct boundaries; and

(C) a change in the location of a polling place.

(b) Each primary, special, or special runoff election pamphlet shall contain only the information specified in (a)(6) and (a)(9) of this section for each ballot measure scheduled to appear on the primary, special, or special runoff election ballot.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016