Alaska Statutes Sec. 18.50.180 - Delayed Registration of Birth

(a) When the birth of a person born in the state has not been registered, a certificate may be filed in accordance with regulations adopted under this chapter. The certificate shall be registered subject to the evidentiary requirements the department prescribes by regulation to substantiate the alleged facts of birth.

(b) When the birth occurred more than seven days but less than one year before the application for registration, the birth may be filed with the proper local registrar in accordance with regulations adopted under this chapter.

(c) When the birth occurred one year or more before the application for registration, the birth shall be filed on a form prescribed by the bureau, and shall be submitted to the bureau for registration. The state registrar may accept the certificate for registration when the evidence required by regulation is submitted to substantiate the facts of birth. A certificate registered under this subsection shall be marked "delayed."

(d) When the birth occurred 12 years or more before the application for registration, the certificate of birth shall be prepared on a form entitled "delayed certificate of birth." The information provided on this form shall be subscribed and sworn to by the person whose birth is to be registered before an official authorized to administer oaths. When a person is not competent to swear to this information it shall be subscribed and sworn to by a parent, legal guardian, or the person's representative. The form must provide for the name and sex of the person whose birth is to be registered; the place and date of birth; and other information required by the bureau. When the certificate is submitted, the state registrar shall add a description and an abstract of each document submitted in support of the delayed registration. The original delayed certificate of birth shall be filed with the bureau.

(e) The state registrar shall accept the registration if the applicant was born in the state and if the applicant's sworn statements are established to the satisfaction of the state registrar by the necessary evidence established by regulation. The items necessary to be substantiated, the type of documents acceptable as evidence, the number of necessary documents, and the form and content of the description and abstract of each document to be added to the certificate shall be prescribed by regulation. In general they shall follow the national standards recommended by the agencies responsible for national vital statistics and for the use of records in the interest of national security. The state registrar may make exceptions when necessary by reducing the number of documents required for delayed filings by Indians, Eskimos and Aleuts, natives of the state, if the state registrar is otherwise satisfied with the validity of the application.

(f) When the applicant does not submit documentation required in support of the applicant's statements or when the state registrar finds reason to question the validity or adequacy of the certificate or the supporting evidence, the state registrar may not accept the delayed certificate of birth and shall advise the applicant of the reasons for this action, and of the applicant's right of appeal to the superior court. The bureau may provide for the dismissal of an application that is not actively prosecuted.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016