Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.33.045 - Investigation and Disclosure of Insurance Contracts

(a) When the director has reason to believe that insurance has been effectuated by or for a person in this state with a nonadmitted insurer, the director shall in writing order the person to produce for examination all insurance contracts and other documents evidencing insurance with nonadmitted insurers and to disclose to the director the amount of insurance, name and address of each insurer, gross amount of premium paid or to be paid, the name and address of the person or persons assisting or aiding in the solicitation, negotiation, or effectuation of the insurance, and other information required by the director.

(b) [Repealed, Sec. 26 ch 117 SLA 1984].

(c) In case of a failure of any person to comply with the director's order under (a) of this section, the superior court, on application of the director, may issue an order requiring the production of the records and information sought by the director.

(d) [Repealed, Sec. 60 ch 38 SLA 2002].

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Last modified: November 15, 2016