Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.40.010 - Filing Statement of Ownership of Equity Securities

Every person who is directly or indirectly the beneficial owner of more than 10 percent of a class of an equity security of a domestic stock insurance company, or who is a director or an officer of the company, shall file with the department within 10 days after becoming the beneficial owner, director, or officer, a statement of the amount of all equity securities of the company of which the person is the beneficial owner. Within 10 days after the close of each calendar month, if there has been a change in ownership during the month, the beneficial owner, director, or officer shall file with the department a statement indicating ownership at the close of the calendar month, the changes in ownership that have occurred during the calendar month, and any other information required by the department. Statements shall be made in a form prescribed by the department.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016