Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.60.010 - Over-Insurance Prohibited

(a) Over-insurance shall be considered to exist if property or an insurable interest in property is insured by one or more insurance contracts against the same hazard in an amount in excess of the fair value of the property or of the interest, as determined on the effective date of the insurance or the renewal of it.

(b) A person may not knowingly issue, place, procure, or accept an insurance contract that would result in over-insurance of the property or interest in the property proposed to be insured, except as provided in AS 21.60.020 .

(c) Each violation of this section shall subject the violator to the penalties provided in AS 21.97.020 .

(d) In this section the term "fair value" means the cost of replacement less depreciation that is properly applicable to the subject insured.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016