Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.66.240 - Title Plants

A title insurance company may invest in title plants if it complies at all times with the minimum capital investment requirements under this chapter. A title plant shall be considered an asset at its fair value. In determining the fair value of a title plant, no value may be attributed to furniture and fixtures, and the real estate in which the title plant is housed shall be carried as real estate. The value of title abstracts, title briefs, copies of conveyances or other documents, indices, and other records comprising the title plant shall be determined by considering the expenses incurred in obtaining them, the age of them, the cost of replacements less depreciation, and all other relevant factors. Once the value of a title plant is determined under this section, the value may be increased only by the acquisition of another title plant by purchase, consolidation, or merger; however, in no event may the value of the title plant be increased by additions made to it as part of the normal course of abstracting and insuring titles to real estate. Subject to the limitations in this section and with the approval of the director as provided by AS 21.66.210 , a title insurance company may enter into agreements with other title insurance companies to participate in the use, ownership, management, and control of a title plant in order to service the needs of all the title insurance companies, or the title insurance companies may hold stock of a corporation owning and operating a title plant for this purpose.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016