Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.78.310 - Order and Levy of Assessment

(a) Upon the filing and reading of the report and petition provided for in AS 21.78.300 , the court, ex parte, may order the director to assess all members or subscribers of the insurer who may be subject to the assessment, in the aggregate amount the court finds reasonably necessary to pay all valid claims as may be timely filed and proved in the delinquency proceedings, together with the costs and expenses of levying and collecting assessments and the costs and expenses of the delinquency proceedings in full. The order must require the director to assess each member or subscriber for a proportion of the aggregate assessment, according to the reasonable classification of the members or subscribers and formula that may be made by the director and approved by the court.

(b) The court may order additional assessments upon the filing and reading of any amendment or supplement to the report and petition referred to in (a) of this section, if the amendment or supplement is filed within three years after the date of the entry of the order of rehabilitation or liquidation.

(c) After the entry of the order to levy and assess members or subscribers of an insurer referred to in (a) or (b) of this section, the director shall levy and assess members or subscribers in accordance with the order.

(d) The total of all assessments against a member or subscriber with respect to a policy, whether levied under this chapter or under another provision of this title, shall be for no greater amount than that specified in the policy or policies of the member or subscriber and as limited under this title, except as to a policy that was issued at a rate of premium below the minimum rate lawfully permitted for the risk insured, in which event the assessment against the policyholder shall be upon the basis of the minimum rate for the risk.

(e) An assessment may not be levied against a member or subscriber with respect to a nonassessable policy issued in accordance with this title, when the insurer has a nonrevoked authority to issue nonassessable policies.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016