Alaska Statutes Sec. 38.08.010 - Classification of Land for Homesite Entry

(a) The director shall designate, classify, and make available for homesite entry state land in amounts and at times as required in AS 38.04.020 or as may otherwise be required by law.

(b) Land classified as homesite entry land shall be divided into parcels not exceeding five acres in reasonably compact form, with boundaries conforming as nearly as practicable to natural geologic and topographic features. However, a parcel may exceed five acres if the director determines that the larger parcel is necessary to

(1) comply with local zoning ordinances; or

(2) permit the design of a subdivision because of topographical features, soil conditions, on-site sewage disposal requirements, or water drainage or supply considerations unique to the subdivision.

(c) [Repealed, Sec. 45 ch 85 SLA 1979].

(d) The director shall, to as great an extent as possible, classify land for homesite entry based upon the distribution of population in the state.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016