Alaska Statutes Title 42, Chapter 42.30, Article 03 - Safety Regulations Governing Transportation of Passengers in Vehicles

  • Sec. 42.30.110 Escape Doorway.
    A person engaged in business in the state as a common carrier may not use in the transportation of passengers on land a bus...
  • Sec. 42.30.120 Standing Passengers.
    Every passenger bus operating as a common carrier may transport standing passengers in numbers that do not endanger the safe operation of the bus....
  • Sec. 42.30.130 Enforcement.
    The Department of Public Safety and every peace officer and municipal law enforcement agency shall enforce AS 42.30.110 - 42.30.140.
  • Sec. 42.30.140 Penalties.
    A person who violates AS 42.30.110 - 42.30.140, upon conviction, is punishable for each offense by a fine of not more than $300.

Last modified: November 15, 2016