Arizona Revised Statutes § 1-104 Effect Of Repealing Clause And Construction Of Act

1-104. Effect of repealing clause and construction of act

A. The adoption and enactment of these Revised Statutes shall not be construed to repeal or in any way to affect or modify:

1. Any special, local or temporary laws.

2. Any law making an appropriation.

3. Any law affecting any bond issue or by which any bond issue may have been authorized.

4. The running of the statutes of limitations in force at the time this act becomes effective.

5. The continued existence and operation of any department, agency or office heretofore legally established or held.

6. Any bond of any public officer.

7. Any taxes, fees, assessments or other charges incurred or imposed.

8. Any statutes authorizing, ratifying, confirming, approving or accepting any compact or contract with any other state or with the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof.

B. All laws, rights and obligations set forth in subsection A of this section shall continue and exist in all respects as if these Revised Statutes had not been adopted and enacted.

C. In addition to their general application, the provisions of chapter 2 of this title, so far as applicable, apply to the act enacting these Revised Statutes.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016