Arizona Revised Statutes § 22-212 Civil Court Record

22-212. Civil court record

Each justice of the peace shall keep a civil court record. The court record shall include the following:

1. The title of actions commenced before the justice of the peace.

2. The date when the first process was issued against the defendant, when returnable and the nature thereof.

3. The date when the parties, or either of them, appeared before the justice of the peace, either with or without summons.

4. A brief statement of the nature of the plaintiff's demand or claim, or the amount claimed, and the nature of the defense made by the defendant.

5. Every adjournment, stating at whose request it was granted and to what time.

6. The date when the trial was had, and whether by jury or by the justice of the peace.

7. The verdict of the jury.

8. The judgment and the date of giving the judgment.

9. All applications for setting aside judgment or granting a new trial, the order thereon and the date.

10. The date of issuing execution, to whom directed and delivered, and the amount of debt, damages and costs. When an execution is returned, the return thereof and a statement of the manner in which it was executed.

11. All stays and appeals and the date when taken, the amount of the bond and the names of the sureties.

12. The account of costs.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016