Arizona Revised Statutes § 22-424 Bail; Preparation Of Schedule; Collection; Civil Deposits

22-424. Bail; preparation of schedule; collection; civil deposits

A. The defendant, at any time after arrest, and before conviction, shall be eligible for bail, subject to section 13-3961 and any applicable rules adopted by the supreme court.

B. The presiding magistrate shall:

1. Prepare a schedule of traffic violations not involving the death of a person or any felony traffic offense, listing specific bail for each violation.

2. Permit the collection of bail, or acceptance of proper bond in lieu of bail, according to the foregoing schedule for and on behalf of the court.

C. The presiding magistrate shall prepare a schedule of civil traffic violations, listing a specific deposit for each violation. The presiding magistrate shall ensure that proper deposits for civil traffic violations are accepted for and on behalf of the court.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016