Arizona Revised Statutes § 25-320.02 Self‑employed Parent; Tax Practitioner; Definition

25-320.02. Self-employed parent; tax practitioner; definition

A. On request of either parent or on the court's own motion, before the court enters an order for child support pursuant to section 25-320, the court may order both parents to meet with a federally authorized tax practitioner if at least one of the parents is self-employed. The federally authorized tax practitioner shall review the accuracy of the self-employed parent's records and submit a written report to the court to help it determine the child support obligation.

B. Each parent may submit to the court the names of not more than two federally authorized tax practitioners. If the parents cannot agree on a federally authorized tax practitioner to conduct the review, the court shall make this choice from a list of names submitted by the parents.

C. The court shall determine which parent shall pay for the cost of the federally authorized tax practitioner or determine each parent's share of this cost.

D. For the purposes of this section, " federally authorized tax practitioner" has the same meaning prescribed in section 42-2069.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016