Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1003 Arizona Exposition And State Fair Board; Powers And Duties; Compensation Of Employees

3-1003. Arizona exposition and state fair board; powers and duties; compensation of employees

A. The Arizona exposition and state fair board shall:

1. Have exclusive custody and direction of all state fair property, construct and maintain necessary improvements in connection therewith, and assist in raising funds therefor.

2. Direct and conduct state fairs, exhibits, contests and entertainments for the purposes of promoting and advancing the pursuits and interests of the several counties and of the state, and of producing sufficient revenue to defray the expenses incurred by the board in conducting such events.

3. Charge entrance fees and gate money, and temporarily lease stalls, stands, booths and sites for the purpose of defraying the expenses incurred.

4. Give prizes or premiums for exhibits and contests which are presented or sponsored by the board in connection with the annual state fair.

5. Subject to title 41, chapter 4, article 4, employ an executive director, coliseum manager and comptroller.

6. Delegate to the executive director any of the administrative functions, powers or duties that the board believes the executive director can competently, efficiently and properly perform.

7. When necessary in connection with business of the board, appoint fair or ground marshals with the authority of peace officers.

8. Have the power to promote, co-promote or lease the state fairgrounds for such events, exhibitions, entertainments or other purposes it deems proper.

9. Have power to accept donations of money or other property from any source, and expend them in accordance with directions of the donor. Monies received pursuant to this paragraph shall not be placed in the general fund.

10. Adopt rules necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

11. Prohibit the issuance of a free pass, ticket or box to any person for any activity at the Arizona coliseum and exposition center, except that this paragraph shall not apply to the state fair and any lessees of the Arizona coliseum and exposition center.

B. The board may exempt from subsection A, paragraphs 2 and 3 such educational, agricultural and mineral exhibits as in its opinion are in the best interest of the state and not contrary to any outstanding obligations the board might have incurred.

C. Compensation of all employees shall be as determined pursuant to section 38-611.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016