Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-102 Department Organization

3-102. Department organization

(L04, Ch. 301, sec. 1. Eff. until 7/1/16)

A. The Arizona department of agriculture is established consisting of the following divisions:

1. The animal services division, which is responsible for milk, dairy, livestock and aquaculture regulation, the state veterinarian, meat, poultry and egg inspection and performing the administrative functions authorized or contracted pursuant to law for the Arizona beef council.

2. The plant services division, which is responsible for the fruit and vegetable standardization program and entomological services.

3. The environmental services division, which is responsible for regulating seed, feed and agricultural chemicals, including pesticides and fertilizers, and for native plant protection.

B. The following are established in addition to and separate from the divisions of the department:

1. A state agricultural laboratory.

2. An office of agriculture safety.

3. An office of inspections.

4. An office of commodity development and promotion.

C. The department shall have a central administrative service office providing:

1. Data processing, accounting and budgeting, records management, publications, property control and personnel services and training.

2. A program to cross-train appropriate personnel to enable them to perform similar functions or comparable work for different administrative units in the department.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016