Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1204 Powers And Duties Relating To The Sheep And Goat Industries

3-1204. Powers and duties relating to the sheep and goat industries

A. The director or his authorized representative shall exercise general supervision over the sheep and goat industries of the state and shall do all things practicable to protect the industries from and to prevent disease among sheep and goats.

B. The director shall prepare and adopt necessary rules:

1. Governing the importation of sheep and goats into the state by carrier or trail to insure that the animals are free from infection.

2. For quarantine and dipping of sheep and goats infected with or which have been exposed to scab or scabies, or other infectious or contagious disease.

3. For the speedy and effective suppression and eradication of disease among sheep or goats.

4. To prevent spreading or contracting of infectious or contagious diseases among sheep and goats, including requirements for inspection of sheep or goats shipped or transported, or to be shipped or transported by common carrier, contract carrier, private carrier or in any other manner whatever, whether the shipping or transporting is in interstate or intrastate commerce, or both, and to require an owner, before moving sheep or goats in such manner, to furnish an inspection certificate in the form required by the director.

C. The director may establish as and declare to be an infected district any district wherein diseased or infected sheep or goats are found or have recently been grazed or driven. The director may order sheep or goats in the infected district or which are exposed to be moved, treated, disinfected or cured under quarantine regulations provided for by this title.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016