Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1262 Recording Brand And Earmark; Lease Of Brand For Transient Livestock

3-1262. Recording brand and earmark; lease of brand for transient livestock

A. The division shall record all brands and earmarks adopted as provided in this article. Recording shall consist of depicting a facsimile of the brand adopted, and a diagram of the earmarks, together with an entry of the name, residence, telephone number and post office address of the person adopting the brand and earmarks, the date recorded, the place upon the livestock or other animals where the brand is proposed to be used, the kind of animals upon which the brand and earmark are proposed to be used, and a general designation and statement of the location of the range whereon such animals are permitted to range. Before the record is made, proof shall be submitted to the division that the applicant is entitled to use the brand or earmark. The applicant shall also make an affidavit that he does not know of and is not interested in any similar brand or earmark being run or used by another in adjoining states or the Republic of Mexico.

B. The division may lease to any applicant for a period of not to exceed one year any available brand for use on transient livestock. Brands leased for this purpose shall be placed only on the shoulder of the animal.

C. The division shall not issue any new face or jaw brands for cattle beginning from and after September 30, 1988, but may rerecord face or jaw brands issued on or before that date.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016