Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-128 Expenditures Of University Of Arizona Funds

3-128. Expenditures of university of Arizona funds

A. For the purpose of aiding counties in support of the agricultural extension program, the board of regents shall have prepared an annual financial budget covering the university of Arizona's share of the cost of extension work in each county and after approval thereof may expend such amount of the university of Arizona funds.

B. No funds secured through taxation, appropriation or from the university of Arizona, as provided in this article, shall be available for any county until plans for the expenditure of the funds have been made and approved by the board of regents.

C. All money obtained by taxation, appropriation, or from the university of Arizona shall be expended for the use and benefit of the county entitled to receive the fund, and the monies directed to be expended from the university of Arizona funds shall be expended and disbursed upon claims drawn by the board of regents showing upon their face the county for whose account the funds are expended.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016