Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1331 Inspection Required; Powers And Duties Of Livestock Officers

3-1331. Inspection required; powers and duties of livestock officers

A. Livestock officers and inspectors may authenticate bills of sale of livestock, brands and marks, deliver certificates of acknowledgment thereof under their hands and seals and take acknowledgments to applications for brands and marks. A fee of more than twenty-five cents shall not be asked or received for taking an acknowledgment.

B. Livestock officers and inspectors shall not grant a certificate of inspection of unbranded hides of livestock or of hides or livestock upon which the marks and brands cannot be ascertained or which disclose ownership by some person other than the one seeking the certificate of inspection.

C. A livestock officer or livestock inspector may stop any person who is in possession of and is conveying, shipping or transporting livestock or hides of livestock to examine brands, marks, certificates of brand inspection and bills of lading or bills of sale relating to the livestock in transit if the officer or inspector has probable cause or reasonable suspicion to believe that the person has violated any provision of this title or title 13 relating to livestock.

D. Livestock officers and livestock inspectors may enter any premises where livestock are kept or maintained to examine brands or marks or other evidence of ownership or to determine the health or welfare of livestock. If admittance is refused and probable cause exists, the livestock officer may immediately request an administrative inspection warrant from the nearest court of competent jurisdiction to allow such entry.

E. Livestock officers are peace officers, certified by the Arizona peace officer standards and training board, and shall pursue and arrest on probable cause any person who violates any provision of this title or title 13 relating to livestock.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016