Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1340 Unbranded Livestock Kept In Close Confinement; Shipment, Sale And Inspection

3-1340. Unbranded livestock kept in close confinement; shipment, sale and inspection

A. Owners of livestock, other than equines, who do not have a recorded brand and who maintain their animals in close confinement not exceeding ten acres may transport their animals to livestock auctions licensed in this state, feedlots licensed in this state or slaughter plants licensed in this state without first having those animals inspected if the shipment does not exceed five cattle or calves or ten sheep.

B. Animals shipped, conveyed or transported under this section shall be accompanied by proof of ownership, such as auction invoices or inspection certificates which the owner received at the time of purchase.

C. Any livestock, other than equines, that are transported, shipped or conveyed pursuant to this section and that have not been inspected by a livestock officer or inspector within the previous forty-eight hours shall be inspected at their destination point by a livestock officer or inspector before the sale, slaughter or change of ownership and all applicable inspection fees shall be paid. Destination points for the purpose of this section are feedlots, slaughter plants and auctions which are licensed in this state.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016