Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2005 Licensee's Record Of Animals Purchased Or Slaughtered; Monthly Copy For The Department; Violation; Classification

3-2005. Licensee's record of animals purchased or slaughtered; monthly copy for the department; violation; classification

A. Every person licensed to slaughter livestock, sheep, goats, swine or equines shall keep an accurate record in a book maintained for that purpose of all such animals purchased or slaughtered. The record shall include a description of all animals purchased or slaughtered, the marks and brands, if any, the name and residence of the person from whom purchased and the date of such purchase. The licensee shall at the end of each month make a true copy of the record for that month, which he shall keep on his premises for one year.

B. A person who knowingly fails to keep the record required by this section, or who refuses to exhibit it to an inspector or other authorized representative of the department who demands that it be exhibited, is guilty of a petty offense.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016