Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-208 Hearing On Plant Menace; Evidence; Quarantine Zones; Violation

3-208. Hearing on plant menace; evidence; quarantine zones; violation

A. Any interested party may be heard at the hearing, either in person or by attorney. The department shall preserve a written record of all evidence introduced at the hearing.

B. If the director finds that a menace exists, he may make and enforce rules and orders and establish quarantine zones or districts to eradicate, suppress or control the menace.

C. When the director finds the danger which caused the establishment of a prohibited zone is no longer present, he shall revoke the order establishing the zone, and may by order change or modify the order establishing a zone or applicable rules without notice or hearing, but no additional territory shall by subsequent order be added to or included within the boundaries of the zone except by notice and hearing as required for establishing the zone.

D. After the date on which the director enters the order establishing a zone, it shall be unlawful to plant, grow or cultivate, or have in, or to transport from or into the district any plant of the kind specified in the order except in accordance with the order or subsequent orders.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016