Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2124 Inspection Of Horses Before And After Slaughter; Condemnation Of Unfit Products

3-2124. Inspection of horses before and after slaughter; condemnation of unfit products

A. There shall be an antemortem and a postmortem inspection of each horse slaughtered.

B. A horse found either upon antemortem or postmortem inspection or examination to be afflicted with strangles, purpura, hemorrhagica, azoturia, forage poison or cerebrospina meningitis, dourine, acute influenza, generalized osteoporosis, glanders, farcy or other malignant disorder, acute inflammatory lameness or extensive fistula shall be condemned. A horse suspected, upon antemortem inspection, of being infected with glanders shall be tested with mallein, and a horse which on physical examination is suspected of being infected with dourine, shall be held for further examination or for such test as the state veterinarian prescribes. A horse or horsemeat product found unwholesome, unclean, unsound or otherwise unfit for human consumption shall be condemned and the inspector may order it destroyed.

C. All horsemeat sold for human consumption shall be inspected by the state veterinarian or a deputy thereof. The inspector and authorized employees of the department and the department of health services shall have access, for purposes of inspection, to any place in which horses are being slaughtered or horsemeat is being processed, prepared, packed or offered for sale.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016