Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2155 Labeling And Containers; Standards

3-2155. Labeling and containers; standards

A. All poultry products inspected at any official establishment and found to be not adulterated shall at the time they leave the establishment bear, in distinctly legible form, on their shipping containers and immediate containers as the division may require the information required under section 3-2151, paragraph 13. In addition, the department, if it determines such action is practicable and necessary for the protection of the public, may require nonconsumer packaged carcasses at the time they leave the establishment to bear directly thereon in distinctly legible form any information required under section 3-2151, paragraph 13.

B. No article shall be sold or offered for sale by any person in intrastate commerce under any name or other marking or labeling which is false or misleading, or in any container of a misleading form or size, but established trade names and other marking and labeling and containers which are not false or misleading and which are approved by the division are permitted.

C. If the division has reason to believe that any marking or labeling or the size or form of any container in use or proposed for use with respect to any article is false or misleading in any particular, it may direct that such use be withheld unless the marking, labeling or container is modified in such manner as the associate director prescribes so that it will not be false or misleading. If the person using or proposing to use the marking, labeling or container does not accept the determination of the division, such person may request a hearing, but the use of the marking, labeling or container shall, if the division so directs, be withheld pending a hearing and final determination by the director. Any such determination by the director shall be conclusive unless, within thirty days after receipt of notice of the final determination, the person adversely affected appeals to the superior court.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016