Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-232 Enforcement Of Article

3-232. Enforcement of article

A. The director shall enforce the provisions of this article. The director shall:

1. Sample, inspect, analyze and test agricultural, vegetable and ornamental plant seed transported, sold or offered or exposed for sale for sowing purposes, as provided by section 3-233 and to the extent he deems necessary to determine whether the agricultural, vegetable and ornamental plant seeds are in compliance with the provisions of this article, and he shall notify promptly the person who transported, sold, offered or exposed the seed for sale of any violation.

2. Prescribe and, after public hearing following due public notice, adopt rules governing:

(a) The methods of sampling, inspecting, analyzing, testing and examining agricultural, vegetable and ornamental plant seed and the tolerances to be followed in the administration of this article that comply with the federal seed act (7 United States Code sections 1551 through 1611; 53 Stat. 1275) and the rules and regulations promulgated under that act.

(b) A prohibited and restricted noxious weed list and subsequent revisions to the list.

(c) Reasonable standards of germination for vegetable seeds.

(d) Such other rules as are necessary to secure the efficient enforcement of this article.

3. Designate seed-certifying agencies which he finds qualified to certify agricultural or vegetable seeds as to variety, purity, quality or other related designations. The director shall consult with the director of the university of Arizona agricultural experiment station before approving the qualifications of any agency to certify as to variety, strain or other genetic character of agricultural or vegetable seeds.

B. The director may assign personnel from the office of inspections to perform any of the inspection-related activities prescribed by this article.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016