Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-3124 Agricultural Education And Training Program

3-3124. Agricultural education and training program

A. The assistant director shall develop an agricultural safety education and training program utilizing visits to the workplace of employers to provide education and advice to employers. The visits:

1. May be conducted only on request by an employer for education and advice on the interpretation or applicability of standards, possible alternative ways of complying with applicable standards or other matters related to accident prevention, agricultural health or obligations pursuant to this article.

2. Shall be limited to matters specified in the request.

B. If, after evaluating the request, the assistant director determines an alternative means of providing education is more appropriate and equally effective, he may provide the alternative means rather than education at the workplace.

C. The assistant director shall make recommendations regarding solutions to matters within the scope of the workplace education.

D. A visit pursuant to this section shall not be regarded as an inspection or investigation pursuant to section 3-3110. No citation may be issued nor may any civil penalties be proposed on such a visit, except that nothing in this section affects in any manner any provision of this article the purpose of which is to eliminate imminent danger violations.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016