Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-3307 Criteria For Awarding Grants

3-3307. Criteria for awarding grants

The director shall adopt guidelines that establish the criteria and policies for granting monies for acquiring agricultural easements established pursuant to this chapter. With respect to each application, the commission must consider each, but the proposal is not required to meet all, of the following:

1. Important natural, cultural or public values found on the farm lands or ranch lands.

2. The possibility of conversion of the property from traditional agricultural use.

3. Positive impacts on long-term agricultural productivity and perpetuation.

4. Landscape and watershed integrity to conserve water quality and natural resources.

5. Habitats for native species, including habitats for important, rare or sensitive species.

6. Potential for leveraging state monies allocated to the program with additional public or private monies.

7. Provisions for compensating landowners who agree to allow public access on the agricultural easement, but an agreement to allow public access is not a requirement for an agricultural easement and does not afford higher funding priority.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016